The following quotes are used with permission from previous clients. 

I am so blessed to have been one of Tina’s clients. When I first met her, I was very broken. I hid behind my hair and refused to look up. I was so afraid to take that first step of getting help - but Tina was so patient and kind. She was so knowledgeable and was always providing resources to help me along my journey. She encouraged me to use my art as well as other great coping skills to get through my day as well as deal with difficult situations in my past. Today I can say that God has completely healed my heart, but He used Tina to teach me all the things necessary to be able to thrive in life. I am a different person and have her to thank. I am happy!
I am a 50 yr old female and have been through many hard situations in my life, from sexual abuse, verbal abuse, abortion, miscarriage, and drug abuse. I chose to become a very angry person due to these things, along with many more, in my life. While going to see Tina, I was able to be open and honest with her about my life and my relationships. Because of her honesty, her love of family, her willingness to get to know me, and not judge me no matter what, is a few reasons I kept going back to see her. I have been free from drugs for almost 2 yrs, been reunited with my husband, daughter, son, grandkids, and my family continues to work on our relationships. I also have a confidence to be ME like I have never had before. She has one more quality that kept me going back to see her and that is her love for the Lord. She always encouraged me to be a better person, and prayed with me, and to me that is very important.
When I first met with Ms. Tina, I was in a huge transition in my life. I was only a few short months into recovery and my life was in shambles. Ms. Tina was someone, over time, whom I learned to trust... which was a major step for me. She was someone who not only listened, but helped me dig deeper into the hurt of my past. Because of her help, I was able to face my biggest fears and she never once gave up on me or broke my trust. I am grateful for her dedication, because when I wanted to give up, she didn’t let me. Tina helped me find my voice and confidence again... I wouldn’t have been able to walk out that year with anyone else, nor would I have wanted to.
Tina is a very professional, compassionate and caring counselor. She went above and beyond in her research to help me in each session with my individual needs. I cannot recommend her enough!
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